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Our Story

More than Great Food

AVRA is the first and only truly authentic Greek & Georgian restaurant in Bangkok.

AVRA's menu was born out of a love for great food and the desire to bring the best of Georgian & Greek cuisines.

Our food is a little savoury & flavoured, but always comforting and tasty. Every dish contains a story, a little dose of  

Georgia & Greece and a lot of love.

Greek cuisine has a history that spans over 4000 years. In fact the Greek philosopher and poet Archestratos, who is considered to be the first ever professional chef and who wrote the first cook book, coined the term “Gastronomy”, which means “The Rules of the Stomach”.

Georgian cuisine is unique and carries some influences from other Eastern European & Middle Eastern culinary traditions.

AVRA mix of khinkali

At AVRA you will be able to experience the taste of real Mediterranean & Caucasian food - Charcoal Grilled Octopus, Legendary Greek Grilled Lamb & Georgian Lula Kebabs, Fresh Mediterranean Fish from Europe, Traditional Georgian Khinkali, Khachapuri, Huge Variety of Vegetarian Dishes, and of course other World Famous Greek & Georgian  dishes!

You can view all the dishes at 'Menu' tab.

Only at AVRA you can enjoy the greatest imported draft beers, huge selection of international craft beer, as well as, Georgian, Greek & Other World wines.

AVRA mix dips plate
Avra kebabs
AVRA ketzeuli
Our Awards

Serving Greatness Since 2017

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